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Lindsy Murray IAABC Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

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Whether you are looking to help your dog overcome a particular behaviour problem, wanting advice on a specific training issue, would like your puppy to have the best start in life or you would like the reassurance that you are already ‘on track’, I am happy to help!

Sometimes finding solutions to your dog's behaviour problems can be daunting. With a minefield of well-meaning advice, it's easy to believe you are on the right track only to find that you may be barking up the wrong tree!

Correct advice is essential when dealing with problem behaviours.

My job as a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant is to help you understand the reasons behind your dog’s unwanted behaviour and offer well researched, ethical and practical solutions. 

Providing this level of expertise goes beyond a 'one size fits all' training approach. Every dog is different, therefore, an individualised ‘plan of action’ to help resolve the problems you are facing with your dog is, I believe, the key to a positive and successful outcome.

The wonderful bond between dog and owner gradually starts to fall apart.

Most owners I meet really want the best for their dogs. When problematic behaviours arise it can be very distressing for everyone involved, Stress escalates and often the methods used to control the situation are actually making matters worse.  

Under the daily pressure of managing the situation, the wonderful bond between dog and owner can gradually start to fall apart. Small problems can escalate until they become out of control. Therefore, if you want to make a difference and improve your dog's life, I would encourage you to reach out and find professional help and advice without delay.


Common Behaviour Problems















Individual, personal, professional guidance


Bringing out the best in your dog calls for an investment of time, commitment and above all patience.

I believe all dogs deserve a happy life and as caretakers, we are responsible for their wellbeing.

Private Consultations

Every dog is unique and each dog deserves individual care and attention. Therefore, I offer private consultations focusing on the behaviour problem you are experiencing and how to help your dog restore a balanced happy life. 

Holistic Approach

I am looking to assess your dog's mental and emotional outlook, what might trigger stressful responses and what aspects of daily life they may find difficult to cope with.

Restoring balance and stability is an essential part of helping your dog.

Where will I see your dog

Seeing your dog in its home surroundings is preferable, however, if this isn't possible, arrangements can be made to see your dog at a veterinary practice or I will see you privately at my home near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.

Depending on the behaviour problem, I may suggest you bring your dog to me as I have secure fields to work within.

How Long is a consultation

An initial consultation will be between 2-3 hours. During this time I will discuss the behaviour problem, current management of the problem and the dog’s 24 hour day. Guidance will be given for immediate management changes, and follow-up information will be forwarded within 48 hours.

3-4 weeks of phone and/or email contact is also included and is an essential part of making positive changes.

If outdoor life skills are part of the behaviour problem, then an additional visit to me may be necessary and this will be included as part of the initial consultation.

Second and followup consultations are sometimes necessary depending on the dog and the nature of the behaviour problem.

How much will it cost

Please access full information on consultation charges here.

Make the decision to reach out and help your dog today!

Lindsy Murray IAABC Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Call 07974 694278 


About me

Lindsy Murray - Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant


I believe that as guardians, we have a moral duty to support and care for the dogs and other animals that share our lives.


I have lived with animals all my life and have been working with them professionally for the past 25 years. Alongside my two rescued dogs, I have provided a permanent home for my herd of rescued horses and ponies.


Qualified NAC Canine and Equine Behaviourist

Certified IAABC Dog and Horse Behaviour Consultant

ABTC Registered Accredited Dog and Horse Behaviourist

 IAABC Application Review Committee Member

I continue with further professional development on a regular basis.




"I enlisted Lindsy's help for my Cavapoo who was struggling badly with being left alone and with resource guarding. Lindsy's help has been invaluable. She works with compassion and kindness (towards both me and Murphy) and taught me so much about body language and canine behaviour and supported us step by step through our journey. Murphy is now a much more resilient and happy dog and our understanding of each other is stronger thanks to Lindsy. Murphy will hopefully be around for many years and so the relatively short time spent now "helping" him will benefit us both for the rest of his life.

We both have Lindsy to thank for that!


As well as having impressive qualifications, up-to-date knowledge and decades of experience, Lindsy also has a way with people and dogs which is simply magical. There is no doubt in my mind that it is due to her guidance that our puppy is growing up into the calm and loving lifelong friend I always dreamed of.

Thank you Lindsy! 


Lindsy has helped me over many years with many of my pets. Most recently she has helped me with a young male rescue collie cross who came to us petrified of the world. Even though I have had rescue animals before, Lindsy helped me to realise that I was pushing him too far too fast and with gentle guidance and reassurance has helped me pace his progress and development. We have now sorted issues of marking in the house, wanting to go out for a walk and have strategies to deal panic and anxiety as well as greeting other dogs in a calmer manner. This has helped both him and I to form a good bond of trust, has helped me set more realistic expectations and has resulted in a much happier and relaxed household. Lindy’s input has always been patient, kind and reassuring but backed up by sound knowledge and scientific study.

Her vast experience over many years in the care and rehabilitation of rescue animals gives her great insight into how best to help and has certainly been enormously positive in our household. 


I found Lindsy extremely comforting, warm and inviting which is what I felt I needed when seeking for an animal expert. Lindsy reassured myself and my partner that what we were and are doing is absolutely fine and to continue, simply adding a few techniques and skills to improve my dog’s behavior. My dog was never badly behaved but had some underlined problems we need help seeing, he is a rescue dog and Lindsy knew how to deal with this and related to me having the same breed of dog. 

She was extremely professional and yet kept the meeting and contact really personal making myself and my dog feeling valued. She kept in regular contact asking for updates and was always there if we had any kind of lapsed issue. 

I would highly recommend Lindsy without a shadow of a doubt. 


I have been impressed with Lindsy's approach and professionalism throughout. Her assessment was very comprehensive and the support throughout has been great. She helped us to take back control of what was becoming a stressful situation. I would highly recommend to others.


Lindsy has been a huge help in getting our once anxious and scared puppy cocker spaniel, Fred, settled into our house. Fred was very anxious around many new experiences including people he wasn’t overly familiar with, new dogs and new experiences in general. He would growl and bark at people when they entered our house and was showing lots of anxiety signs (pretty much all of the dog anxiety signs which come up on a google search!). 

After looking online I was left confused as the information available suggested different things and left me concerned that I had an overly aggressive, “dominant” dog. Lindsy explained that all of Fred’s actions were more down to fear than aggression and suggested ways in which I could help Fred feel more at ease with new experiences. We worked up a plan of actions and methods to use on Fred based around positive reinforcement which worked brilliantly over time. Lindsy also suggested many other ways to help settle Fred including diet, sleeping, play, etc which left me feeling a lot more confident to help build his confidence and understand his behaviour. 

The follow up support was very useful too and Lindsy was always available to advise me as Fred developed or a new situation had occurred which I needed help with. Fred is now a much more confident and loving dog and has learned to cope with situations he found stressful a lot faster. He’s now a settled and happy dog after a month or two of following Lindsy’s advice at a pace which worked for him (as advised by Lindsy). 

A happy Fred thanks you, Lindsy!


—All clients names have been removed for confidentiality—


Lindsy Murray - Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant


Bringing Out The Best In Your Dog

Make the decision to reach out and help your dog today!

Call: 07974 694278


Based near Holmes Chapel. Cheshire. UK