There are many forms of aggression and also many reasons why dogs display aggressive tendencies. For this reason, aggression needs to be correctly understood and addressed with care. 

Thankfully we are moving away from the flawed concept of dogs having a hierarchal social structure and trying to dominate or control humans through aggressive behaviours. Aversive and punishing techniques used in order to ‘put the dog in its place’ are outdated and can be damaging. 

Many Aggressive Behaviours Start Because Of Fears And Anxieties.

Dogs often feel insecure or unsure of their surroundings and are unable to communicate their needs. They are often confused by our inconsistent behaviours and we easily miss the mild signs of stress that can escalate into aggressive reactions from them. By this time the dog has ‘learned’ that mild reactions don’t work and a more overt aggressive behaviour is the only way to communicate.  Understandably the dog, therefore, uses aggression as a coping strategy when all else has failed.

I’m Here To Help!

If you are struggling with a dog that is showing aggressive tendencies in any way, then it is advisable to seek out qualified help and focus on helping your dog overcome the need to show aggression rather than trying to find quick fix solutions.

Make the decision to reach out and help your dog today!

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