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Dogs need to have life skills. Just like children, they need to understand boundaries and how to get along within their family, their environment and the life we as humans provide for them.

Training these basic life skills is a necessity, however from time to time, behaviour problems can arise and this is when we look for training techniques to help stop the unwanted behaviours.  Unfortunately trying to sort out a behaviour problem by training alone can often make the problem worse. Particularly when a stressed dog is then submitted to further stressful aversive training techniques.

It is vitally important that we understand why a behaviour problem is occurring and then find well thought out solutions.  You can train a dog to stop barking and go to its bed, thats an easy training technique!  However, if the dog has underlying fears and anxieties that is causing the barking, you haven’t stopped the underlying internal fear by getting the dog to lie down, you have simply suppressed the behaviour.  That fear needs understanding and not suppressing otherwise you are setting yourself up for escalating problems further down the line.

As a qualified behaviourist, I can help you understand the reasons for your dog’s behaviour and then guide you through the correct way to manage and re train you dog.  Behaviour problems such as aggression, guarding, separation anxiety, barking, chewing etc., all need further exploration, rather than masking the problem with a quick fix training technique.

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