Individual, personal, professional guidance


Bringing out the best in your dog calls for an investment of time, commitment and above all patience.

I believe all dogs deserve a happy life and as caretakers, we are responsible for their wellbeing.

Private Consultations

Every dog is unique and each dog deserves individual care and attention. Therefore, I offer private consultations focusing on the behaviour problem you are experiencing and how to help your dog restore a balanced happy life. 

Holistic Approach

I am looking to assess your dog's mental and emotional outlook, what might trigger stressful responses and what aspects of daily life they may find difficult to cope with.

Restoring balance and stability is an essential part of helping your dog.

Where will I see your dog

Seeing your dog in its home surroundings is preferable, however, if this isn't possible, arrangements can be made to see your dog at a veterinary practice or I will see you privately at my home near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.

Depending on the behaviour problem, I may suggest you bring your dog to me as I have secure fields to work within.

How Long is a consultation

An initial consultation will be between 2-3 hours. During this time I will discuss the behaviour problem, current management of the problem and the dog’s 24 hour day. Guidance will be given for immediate management changes, and follow-up information will be forwarded within 48 hours.

3-4 weeks of phone and/or email contact is also included and is an essential part of making positive changes.

If outdoor life skills are part of the behaviour problem, then an additional visit to me may be necessary and this will be included as part of the initial consultation.

Second and followup consultations are sometimes necessary depending on the dog and the nature of the behaviour problem.

How much will it cost

Please access full information on consultation charges here.

Make the decision to reach out and help your dog today!

Lindsy Murray IAABC Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

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