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What will it cost?

In order for me to focus on you and your dog alone, I prefer to work on a one to one basis rather than teaching in a group class. This ensures that a behaviour modification programme is specifically tailored to your dog’s needs.

I believe this is the first essential step to take if you are wanting to make positive changes and overcome the current difficulties you and your dog are currently facing. 

Initial Consultation

An Initial Consultation will last approximately 2 -3 hours.

I prefer to see your dog in its home surroundings, or as an alternative, you can bring your dog me. I am based near Holmes Chapel in Cheshire.

During this time I will discuss and help you understand the reasons for your dog’s behaviour problems. I will offer immediate beneficial management changes for you to put in place and will talk you through a behaviour modification plan that can be started within the following 24 hours.

I will ask you to keep in regular contact with me during these early stages so that I can be there to support you and offer extra advice if necessary.

During the following 2 -3 weeks I will offer additional advice and support via email or telephone.

It is essential that we work together in order to help your dog. Your commitment is extremely important if positive changes are to be made.

Charges  (exclusive of travel costs):   £135.00


Follow-up Consultation

In most cases an optional follow-up consultation in advised. This is dependent on the nature of the problem and how much work needs putting into place.

In some cases, I will advise that a second follow-up consultation is essential in order to assess progress and provide additional management strategies or re-training.

Please factor in the probability of a second consultation when considering the overall cost of helping your dog.

Charges (exclusive of travel costs): £70.00 

Travel charges: 45p per mile

Further Consultations

In some cases, further consultations may be necessary, or you might feel that extra support and back-up from time to time is a worthwhile investment to help you and your dog stay on track.

Charges (exclusive of travel costs): £70.00 

Travel charges: 45p per mile

Make the decision to reach out and help your dog today!

Lindsy Murray IAABC Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

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