To protect the privacy of clients, all names have been removed.

Lindsy has treated me for the last 20 years.  She has a unique and profound way of healing, and has been essential for me on my way to health and happiness.  She has treated me for severe emotional problems, past and present, stress, panic attacks, broken bones, broken heart and deep grief.  From Lindsy there is never any judgement or agenda, it is purely a connection with the Universe bringing about true release and great healing.  I have experienced Lindsy use absent healing to such great effect, that I am more than completely 100% certain about her healing abilities and have found her to be the best and most naturally gifted healer I have ever known.

Over the years Lindsy has helped us all as a family.  She has worked with all three of my children, helping them get through and move forward from their individual difficulties. Lindsy also helped enormously when my father was ill in hospital, something that really blew my mind. For myself, Lindsy has helped me more than I can express and totally changed not only my thinking but the course of my life for the better. She also gave me massive support and positivity during my struggle with cancer. I can never thank her enough and will always be in awe of her amazing skills and truly caring nature. 

Lindsy was originally recommended to me by a friend eighteen years ago. when I was going through very bad time in my life, to the point of a total breakdown.  I was totally on the edge and she brought me back from very dark place to a reality where I felt good about myself and that life was worth living.  The first session I had with Lindsy  had a dramatic effect on me and for the first time in many months I could see a light at the end of the tunnel, there was some clarity instead of living in a fog of confusion and not being able to cope.. I had a few appointments over  the following months which made me stronger and stronger.  That was eighteen years ago.  I now go to see her whenever my life feels stressed and I come away feeling like a different person. 

I am truly thankful  that I was advised by a friend to visit Lindsy. I was going through a difficult period and it was having a negative effect on everything in my life. I felt that I needed help and that my problems were having a mental effect on me. after having just one session with Lindsy I felt as though I had peeled away a layer and was ready to move forward. The energy I received from Lindsy was empowering. I visited Lindsy frequently and I was amazed how she knew how I was feeling just from certain areas of my body.  There is a lot of what Lindsy does that I just can not put into words but I know that I am truly blessed to have met her and  for giving me back my personality and guiding me. I still visit Lindsy just to keep my energy  balanced even though I may think I'm doing ok, just a little top up has me elevated. I will be eternally grateful for all that Lindsy has done for me. 

When I first went to see Lindsy I had been suffering with bulimia for over four years.  I was both physically and emotionally weak and unable to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I constantly felt anxious, depressed and fragile and was extremely sceptical about anybody’s ability to help me.  However, after my first session with Lindsy I felt an immediate change in my anxiety levels and even felt physically stronger.  I felt a sense of calmness that I had not felt in a long time.
Lindsy worked on channelling all the pain I had bottled up inside of me and really grounded me, giving me a new energy that I hadn’t felt for so many years.  Before Lindsy I had no intention of changing my way of life and felt completely helpless.  Lindsy provided me with the stepping stones I needed to take charge of my life and thanks to her, so many aspects of my life improved.
Lindsy helped me when I wasn’t strong enough to help myself and I truly believe that without her I would not have begun my journey of recovery.  Not only does Lindsy have an undeniable gift for healing but she is also exceptionally caring and I am extremely grateful for her continued help and support.  I feel extremely lucky to have been helped by such a remarkable person and I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat.

Lindsy helped me when my sister died and I was finding it very difficult to come to terms the loss and the shock. When Lindsy worked with me I felt an inner calm and  peace within myself instead of torment and guilt.  It made such a difference to my life.   Four years later my Mum died in particularly traumatic way  and I was struggling very badly with it all.  Again I turned to Lindsy, who helped me come to terms with the guilt putting it all into a different perspective and made me realise that you can let people go without feeling guilty and that she will always feel close it me.  I would strongly recommend Lindsy to anyone who is feeling emotionally stressed for whatever reason. 

Great to recommend to friends and take along other interested people.  
The power and energy of the evening was amazing. It creates a feeling of peace and calm that I would never normally achieve.  Lindsy gives us tools that we can use on a daily basis to help us deal with the challenges of life.
It was massively beneficial to go to the group session on a fortnightly basis in order to recreate the positive emotional state and reflect on how our daily thoughts have such an impact on our lives, especially when they become negative.
I know that some of the people I recommended to come to the evening groups went on to see Lindsy privately however others gained great benefit from being within a group, feeling that the focus wasn’t directly on themselves. Couldn't recommend this group work enough. (Group Energy Therapy)