Lindsy Murray - Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

Bringing out the best in your Dog

Sometimes finding solutions to your dog's behaviour problems can be daunting. With a minefield of well-meaning advice it's easy to believe you are on the right track only to find that you may be making barking up the wrong tree!

I believe all dogs deserve a happy life and as caretakers, we are responsible for their wellbeing.  
My job is to help you understand the correct reasons behind your dog's behaviour and offer well researched, ethical and practical solutions

Tell me about your dog

Is your dog behaving in a way that is worrying or causing you concern?

Is your dog reactive or aggressive towards other dogs or people?  Maybe your dog guards food, toys, or even family members.

Perhaps your dog is hyperactive, always on the go and never seems to relax.  Or maybe your dog has become quiet, withdrawn or unresponsive

Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and are unable to cope when left at home alone.

Whatever the problem, let's focus on a solution!

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Take Action

The more a behaviour is practised, the more it becomes hardwired!  

Small problems can escalate until they become out of control. That's why we need to take action to make positive changes.

The correct advice is essential when dealing with problem behaviours. As a certified dog behaviour consultant, I can help you with this.

I offer private, one to one, consultations so that you and your dog are getting all the help you need.

If you are ready to take the next step,

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Based in Cheshire, UK. 

Make the decision to reach out and help your dog today!

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