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I have owned and worked with horses for over 25 years and am a Certified Horse Behaviour Consultant.

As with dogs, I believe that we need to find the reasons behind behaviour problems rather than relying on training methods to suppress the behaviours we don't want our horses to exhibit.

 My job is to help owners understand the root cause of behaviour problems, offering solutions based on appropriate care and responsible management. Identifying the cause of a behaviour problem can be complex and if not addressed correctly may lead to further unwanted complications.

I am strongly against the use of aversive techniques to override unwanted behaviours. I believe that suppressing behaviour through fear is unethical and only serves to increase the stress response.

For further information on my work with horses, follow the link below to direct you to my website: Lindsy Murray Horse Behaviour


I am not qualified to offer advice on cats, however, I am happy to forward you on to colleagues of mine who would be able to give you valuable advice if you are wanting help with behaviour problems.


Other Animals

Of course all animals can be prone to behaviour problems. If you are looking for professional help then I would suggest you find a professional consultant through one of the organisations I am registered with.


where to find help

International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants IAABC

Animal Behviour and Training Council ABTC

Lindsy Murray

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